42 words for snow


The idea was actually a good one: a 35 mm camera that takes square pictures instead of the usual rectangular ones. Therefore, 54 pictures fit on a normal film (36 shots). So into this camera an expired SW film.
Kate Bush released the song 50 words for snow on the album of the same name in 2011, in which she had Stephen Fry recite 50 synonyms for “snow”. (A common misconception is that the Inuit have fifty different words for snow.)
So the idea was to take exactly one photograph for each of these “synonyms” until the film was full. This took over three years, as we hardly ever have snow anymore.
UNFORTUNATELY, the camera was faulty, so the film broke in between and it stopped taking pictures towards the end of the film. I was so frustrated that I threw the (developed) film into the corner. Now I have taken it out again … so here they are, the 42 words for snow.